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Reid Osterloth

As a St. Petersburg native, Reid Osterloth has always lived with the sights and sounds of the Sunshine City.  Growing up, Reid’s family was inexorably tied to the small businesses and institutions of the city. From a young age, Reid has worked in the flower shops that his parents have owned and managed, learning the value of organization, perseverance, and networking with the locals. Continuing his parents’ relationships with the small businesses of St. Petersburg, Reid has worked with new and established businesses alike, growing a rapport with the city he loves as well as steadily finding his love of organization and spreadsheets. 

On the advice of one of his bosses, Reid went into school for paralegal studies at St. Petersburg College, finding himself in love with the law, especially corporate documents. While in school, Reid discovered Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP and found a place that reminded him of the small businesses he spent years working at but would also allow him to engage in his love of the law and, of course, spreadsheets! Since graduating with his degree, Reid spends his time drafting, and more specifically, specializing in probate and business document preparation.
In his spare time, Reid loves escape rooms, musical theater, traveling and reading. 

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