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Category Archives: Capital Gains


Tax law uncertainty means estate plans must roll with the changes

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

Events of the last decade have taught us that taxes are anything but certain. Case in point: Congress is mulling abolishing gift and estate taxes as part of tax reform. So how can people who hope to still have long lifespans ahead of them plan their estates when the tax landscape may look dramatically… Read More »

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Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

Putting your home on the market? Understand the tax consequences of a sale

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

As the school year draws to a close and the days lengthen, you may be one of the many homeowners who are getting ready to put their home on the market. After all, in many locales, summer is the best time of year to sell a home. But it’s important to think not only… Read More »

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