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Category Archives: Long Term Care Planning


Tips for Estate Planning When You Or a Loved One Has a Chronic Illness

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

If you or a loved one has suffered from a chronic illness, you know how physically, emotionally, and financially draining life can become. Whether you are taking care of yourself or caring for a loved one, managing a chronic illness takes a lot of energy and time. Those with chronic diseases must manage visiting… Read More »

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Most Americans Do Not Have Adequate Retirement Savings

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

With our busy day to day lives, it’s easy for Americans to not think about long-term care planning in Florida. It’s human nature to believe that things will go on as they usually do. A recent study showed that 75% of Americans don’t have long-term care insurance. Over half of those without long-term health… Read More »

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Using a Medicaid Trust As Asset Protection From Nursing Homes

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

If you want to protect your assets from being used to pay for potential nursing home cost in the future, the key is to start planning today. While you could address your long-term care costs with a tax-qualified LTC insurance policy, those can be pricey and don’t match everyone’s needs. However, there is a… Read More »

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