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Category Archives: Estate Trust Litigation


What to Watch for When You Suspect a Florida Trustee of Breaching Their Fiduciary Duty

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

Trustees are the ones who manage the assets of a trust on behalf of the beneficiaries. They are to manage the assets in whatever manner the trust terms dictate. This is known as their fiduciary duty. When a trustee fails in this duty, it’s considered a breach of fiduciary duty and the beneficiaries may… Read More »

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What Does Undue Influence Mean in Florida Estate Planning?

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

Many people have heard the term undue influence, but what exactly does it mean? The legal concept of undue influence in Florida law is an important one. When someone exercises undue influence over a victim’s person’s assets, will, or money, a Florida court can invalidate the victim’s estate planning documents. A typical example of… Read More »

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