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Tag Archives: business travel

Frequent Flyer Miles

Are frequent flyer miles ever taxable?

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

If you recently redeemed frequent flyer miles to treat the family to a fun summer vacation or to take your spouse on a romantic getaway, you might assume that there are no tax implications involved. And you’re probably right — but there is a chance your miles could be taxable. Usually tax free As… Read More »

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Combining business and vacation travel: What can you deduct?

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

If you go on a business trip within the United States and tack on some vacation days, you can deduct some of your expenses. But exactly what can you write off? Transportation expenses Transportation costs to and from the location of your business activity are 100% deductible as long as the primary reason for… Read More »

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Business Travel

Combine business travel and a family vacation without losing tax benefits

By Legacy Protection, LLP |

Are you thinking about turning a business trip into a family vacation this summer? This can be a great way to fund a portion of your vacation costs. But if you’re not careful, you could lose the tax benefits of business travel. Reasonable and necessary Generally, if the primary purpose of your trip is… Read More »

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